Individual session

Family Constellation

Family Constellation is able to reveal the hidden pattern of your life. It can be helpful to uncover the backgrounds of failure, illness, disorientation, addiction  or any other cases. This method is a process conducted in a single session to deal with difficulties you experience with your partner, family or work relationships. Family Constellation can be a stand-alone approach to Personal Growth.

family constellations can bring new insight and solutions in the following topics:

Relationship issues
Couple’s conflicts and difficulties
Loneliness & Addiction
Divorce & Separation
Death, Loss & Suicide
Cultural issues
Depression & Confusion
Career issues & Conflict
Incest & Violence
Health issues
Secrets, Guilt & Shame
Self-esteem problems

what happens in a family constellation
individual session?

After a brief discussion of the issue, you will be asked questions about your family structure and significant historical events experienced by previous generations. We are going to collect together the most important participants of your issue after you will write them on papers. These papers will be represent certain family members or relevant abstract concepts. You will place them on the floor in a deliberate manner, without over thinking – this is called Family Constellations Set up.

From there the practitioner will begin the collaborative and intuitive process.

It should be noted that something profound happens here. Looking at your family structure from a distance and watching how things change as the members are moved by your deep inner feelings. These are relieved quickly by the use of healing sentences. You will know when the process ends, you will feel it and have the understanding of what you were searching for.

Usually  there will be immediate relief and clarity of your issues, however  it is not a quick-fix, short-lived solution. It can take some months for the full benefits of a single Family Constellation to unfold in your life and the lives of related people even when they haven’t participated in the Family Constellation themselves.