My name is Edina Góra. I invite you to a unique experience of your choice. An experience that fosters your personal and spiritual growth and self-empowerment. An experience that enriches your life. 


Getting Better!

Lélekkapu means Soulgate in Hungarian. It is an opportunity to get better. Not just temporarily, not just on the surface, but truly well. All you need is to love yourself right where it’s hardest. If improving yourself or your life hasn’t worked for you, it’s time to take a different approach to yourself. I can help you do that.


Choose a Path

I can show you three beautiful paths to improve yourself,
make you be happy
and enrich your life.




of sounds

family constellation

very short story

About me

I was only 26, than my whole life has fallen into small pieces and I didn’t want anything but survive the moments. During this miserable period I met my first qigong teacher and I have started to practise qigong and improve my intuition. My mind calmed down slowly and finally I have found a deep connection with my inner-source and peace.  

I have dedicated my life to help moving toward the peaceful mind and building the unconditional selflove.

Having tried many holistic disciplines, I found out that the three most efficient paths to clarify the mind and open the “soulgate” is the qigong, the world of sounds and the family constellation. Qigong practise is creating a strong mental power and rising empathy. Family constellation is able to solve destructive life-patterns and the world of sounds is the easiest way to find the silence and inner-peace. These three beautiful paths had transformed my life and I strongly believe that can help you as well to live a blissful life.