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Ningjing Qigong Experience

What yoga is to an Indian, that is the qigong to a Chinese. Similar value, different approach to enhance health, longevity and spirituality. 

Qigong is a complex system of energy work and personal development.
It is easier than yoga for your body, but it can be bigger challenge for your mind.
It was primarily developed as an exercise to keep people healthy and reduce tension.

Qigong can be practised by anyone, regardless of physical condition. If you can concentrate constantly and breathe, you are able to practise qigong.

I love qigong because it helps to calm my mind, relax my body, harmonize my energy system, keep me in balance, makes me feel happy.

I’m a fully professional qualified and very experienced qigong teacher with over 15 years teaching experience. I’m a very passionate teacher who loves to bring diversity, ease of learning , patience and full understanding to each session. 

If you would like to try this amazing path of personal development, do not hesitate to contact me!

private qigong session

Either you are beginner or experienced qigong practitioner or might have special needs, I will be able to work with you.

Qigong techniques can be adapted easily to your personal and individual condition.

If you have special needs due to your physical condition or any other kind of illnesses, private qigong lesson can be the best choice for you. In this case I can teach you specialized qigong exercise that is fit for your special state. There are many kind of medical qigong exercises that can improve your health and support your self-healing forces.

If you are advanced qigong practitioner, the private qigong lesson will be the best choice for you as well. For your desired personal development after seeing your qigong skills and clarifying your main goals, I can teach you advanced Wai Dan and/or Nei Dan exercises.

The way of development by qigong can be lonely and individual path. Practising qigong alone is an important  and essential step of personal development but my experience is that there is an extremely strong power of the non-verbal interactions created during the common exercises. In my opinion the invisible efficient interactions and the deep common silence are the greatest master of all qigong practitioners.

beginner’s qigong in group

When you start to learn qigong, there are 3 important things you should keep in mind:

1. Qigong cannot be learnt merely by books and videos – only by well trained and experienced qigong teacher.

2. When you learn qigong the understanding is important, but your feelings and your personal experiences become more essential.

3. Qigong can be very effective, but it is not an instant solution. This path requires regular practice of the exercises. If you do it, you will see real results.

Qigong consists of a dynamic and static exercises and meditation. In the beginner’s group we practise easy natural movements and breathing techniques to uplift our energy level and you learn how to enter into the qigong state. The first important step is to achieve a deep relaxation during your exercise.

After some warm-up exercises, we start with the basic knowledge of qigong such as basic position (Wu Chi), Buddhist and Taoist breaths and simple basic movements. We will practise together 8 brocade qigong, Golden ball qigong and other interesting and effective qigong exercises for your health care and spiritual development. We close every session with silent qigong meditation in sitting position.


Qigong self-healing session is an energy massage that is happened by smooth caress on the covered/clothed body. This is not a general massage, because the touches are always gentle and soft. There is no strong pressing, pulling or twisting in this therapy.

Qigong therapy is based on Traditional Chinese Health Care and is working by the qi (chi, ki or prana) emmited by the hands of the qigong therapist.

This method mobilizes self healing forces and helps to enter into the deep relaxation. In this state your tension and blockages are disappear. You will be filled by crystal clear life energy and your body & mind reset itself and create together a new harmonious balance.

The qigong therapy is a whole-body session. You just lie comfortably on a mat at first on prone position, and your back, arms and legs will be touched by qi and hands. Later I will ask you to turn slowly supine position and I will treat your belly, arms and legs again.

While you are relaxing, I work accurately on your meridian system to balance your qi. Finally I treat your face and head and let you feel free the harmonious body feelings.