private gongbaths & soundmassage

Amazing World of Sounds

There is a famous Hungarian poet called Mihály Babits who said: “There is a song in the soul of everybody and person hears his own soul in every song. And who has a beautiful chant in the soul, that hears the song of others beautiful.”

Sounds and rhythms can reach us where words and thoughts never. All we were born into sounds and rhythms and these accompany us for lifelong period. There are sounds and rhythms inside of the body: our heart is a drum machine, our blood in veins and arteries are flowing bubbling and burbling, our lungs are blowing like a wind.

There are harmonious and disharmonious sounds and rhythms all around us and these take effects on the body and mind. When you listen a peaceful music, your body will be relaxed soon, and your mind will be calmed down. When you listen a good rattle rhythm, you will feel energized.

When your body is healthy, your mind is stable, your emotions are balanced, he song in your soul is beautiful, it makes you feel happy and your heart is open.

That is why I love to work with sounds!


gong bath

Private gong bath is a unique experience: a relaxing, soothing, heart-warming sound trip exclusively for one or two persons. In the centre of this sensual treat you can enjoy the sound of a grandiose Chinese Chau Gong, which is supplemented by many specific instruments such as a shanti, a sansula, Tibetan singing bowls and other exotic sounds.

The incredibly wide sound spectrum of the gong has a riveting effect on its audience both emotionally and physically-it has the power to uplift our spirit to higher grounds.

Most people would associate the sound of a gong with rumbling or roaring or, as a second thought, they might say “oh, those strange whale sounds”. The gong, however, is a lot more multicoloured instrument. It is capable of pacing, vibrating, performing “effects” and also, as a solo instrument, “singing” melodies itself.  It can even function as an instrument of rhythm to accompany other, finer tools.

The Chau Gong is spontaneous and multifaceted. On the one hand, the sound field of the gong allows us to live through a meditative state that slows down physical processes; on the other hand, a more dynamic gong play that generates stirring, active vibrations can even accelerate certain progresses in our body. Pacing, rhythm and vibration are calling for exploring and living through ecstatic states. The gong – considering its potentials – can evoke the music of existence with its variable and constant changes, with its liveliness and occasional, bare silences.

The Chinese Chau Gong opens a sound field which cannot be invoked by other instruments. This special sound field consists of a multitude of vibrations. The vibrations outflowing from the gong do not include only the audible sound waves but also frequencies that our ears cannot detect while our body (and soul) can sense both physically and emotionally. Therefore, a gong play is not only an audible experience.

Gong bath is not recommended if you are living with pacemakers or has a  tendency to have epileptic seizures. If you are pregnant, the sound massage is recommended from the 3rd month of the pregnancy.


sound massage

“The sound of the singing bowl touches our innermost soul and brings it into vibration. The sound breaks tension, mobilizes self healing forces, and sets free creative energies.”- Peter Hess

The  Peter Hess® sound massage is a complete experience of relaxation with special singing bowls played on the clothed/ covered body. You just lie comfortably on a mat, while the therapy-quality bowls are placed on your body and will be strucked gently by felt mallets. You will hear calming tones and you will also feel gentle vibrations in your whole body. This sound permanently creates resonance inside the body. The focus turns from the exterior impulses to interior, because of the sensation of the sound and the resonance. 

The gentle vibrations and sounds created induce a feeling of relaxation and well-being. The vibration can correct your balance and provide feeling of inner strength, harmony and energy. If you have a physical, mental and psychological problem, sound massage can provide relief from stress, anxiety and pain. While you are resting, your body and mind enters into a space of deep relaxation. After the special massage session, you may feel more relaxed than ever before.

I love sound massage because it

  • feels calm and pleasant,

  • harmonizes the body and mind via sound and vibration,

  • helps to rebuild our sense of safety and security,

  • provides space to let go off what no longer serves us,

  • removes tension and blockages,

  • raises a pleasant tingling sensation,

  • increases positivity & creativity

  • and it supports many other therapies as well.

Sound massage is not recommended to whom are living with pacemakers or has a tendency to have epileptic seizures. If you are pregnant, the sound massage is recommended from the 3rd month of pregnancy. 

“When we pay attention to nature’s music,
we find that everything on the Earth contributes to its harmony.”

Hazrat Inayat Khan